DHC Deep Cleansing Oil | makeup remover 150ml

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil | makeup remover 150ml

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About the product:

・Overwhelming cleaning power
・Even rubbing lightly, loosens makeup grease, residue and sebum. Easily removes even heavy makeup, impurities and residues in the stratum corneum, sebum and comedone.
・With viscosity but without a greasy feeling
・When in contact with water, it becomes hydrophilic. Peels off the skin instantly, without leaving greasy !
・Won't strip away moisture!
・Compounded with natural skin-beautifying substances. Leaves the skin clean and smooth, without dehydrating!
・Contains olive fruit grown organically in Spain. Plus, conditioning ingredients such as rosemary, a licorice derivative, and vitamin E, which are known skin care herbs, are added. It has no mineral oil, which is aggressive for the skin. Colorant-free, fragrance-free, paraben-free.
・Can be used for all skin types, with no age restrictions.

How to use:

1.Always use with dry hands.
2.Apply an average of 3 pumps to the palm of your hand, rub gently and after mixing well with makeup, rinse with cold or lukewarm water.


non-pharmaceutical products/designated ingredients: None