Rosette Pasta Sea Mud Smooth | Facial Soap 120g

Rosette Pasta Sea Mud Smooth | Facial Soap 120g

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About the product:

・A face foam that contains rich general sea mud and plant extract.
・Its consistent and soft foam contains fine powder of white marine mud, naturally grown, which absorbs and removes excess oil, dead cells, impurities on the skin and pores.
・ When washing, it moisturizes and leaves the skin smooth.
・Uses plant-derived cleansing ingredients that are gentle on the skin.
・Rose extract firms the skin.
・No fragrance, no dyes, no mineral oil.

How to use:

1.With wet hands, apply an adequate amount to the palm of the hand (average of 1 cm), rub gently until foam forms. 
Wash gently massaging and then rinse well.


water(purified water), potassium myristate(vegetable soap), stearic acid(skin protectant), glycerin(moisturizer), stearic acid K (vegetable soap), DPG(moisturizer), Silicate Sulfur-Containing Al(Sea Mud/Cleanser), K-Lauric Acid(Soap), Lauramide Propyl Betaine(Plant Soap), Talc(Feel Enhancer), Kaolin(White Mud/Cleanser), Trehalose Octenylsuccinate(Soap), Neubara Fruit Extract (rose fruit extract / moisturizer), glycyrrhizic acid (skin conditioner), ethanol (cleansing ingredient).