KOSE Softymo Nose Clean Pack | blackhead remover 10 pcs

KOSE Softymo Nose Clean Pack | blackhead remover 10 pcs

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About the product:

・A patch with more pore improvement 
・Makes blackheads soft! New oil formula
・Softens the surface of hard blackheads, removing them deeply.
Absorbs the fat and residue that cause blackheads, leaving your nose very smooth.
・Uses a new softer adhesive 
・With softer adhesive, increasing the feeling of adhesion
・Effectively removes even smaller blackheads as the adhesive adheres to the skin without leaving gaps . With cuts to prevent the formation of bubbles, improving adherence during application
・Black adhesive that makes it easy to see the removed blackheads!

How to use:

1.After washing your face, wet your nose well.(Do not apply water directly to the patch. Also, do not hold the patch with wet hands)
2.Remove the film and apply the patch to your nose, adhering well so as not to leave any bubbles
3.Allow to dry for 10 to 15 minutes. (The patch does not completely dry. Be careful not to dry completely)
4.Remove the patch starting from the edges and working towards the tip of the nose. (There are cases in which, after removing the patch, product residue remains on the skin. In this case, it can be removed with damp cotton)


polyacrylic acid, sodium polyacrylate, water, silica, olefin oligomer, laureth-2, witch hazel extract, butylene glycol, ethanol, squalane, lauric acid PEG-10, charcoal, lactic acid, propylparaben , methylparaben